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What is this place you ask me? Well, it's quite simple.
You can quote anything heard on tv.
Funny quotes, romantic quotes, sad quotes, lame quotes....
it doesn't matter, as long as it has been said on tv, it goes here.

RULES (cause rules help control the fun):
1. Each entry must contain a tv quote or it will be deleted without notice.
2. Use a lj-cut when your post is a bit long (more than 3 quotes is long).
3. Advertizements are tolerated as long as they are related to tv shows or quotes and contain a tv quote.
4. Icons are not allowed here, even if they contain tv quotes on them. However, you are allowed to post a link to another entry containing icons as long as you post a quote.
5. It is always nice to provide information such as which show it is from, which episode and who's speaking.
6. Use the tag option to indicate which show your quote is from.

Looking for quotes from a specific show?
All entries up to October 2005 have been sent to the memories and all entries from November 2005 are tagged.

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